Friday, August 1, 2008

Bullies Among Us

This is the first announcement of my new book, which is scheduled to be published next month. It is titled—but what else?—Bullies Among Us. What to Do When Work’s No Fun and is a resource for targets of bullies and for managers of bullies and targets.

Among other places, it will be available in the bookstore of the Human Resources-Southwest Regional Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, when I co-present with Bonnie Mattick,, on workplace behaviors as related to employee engagement.

I am most grateful to Bob Kelly of and Vickie Mullins,, for their help and guidance in producing this book.

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SuzyGraven said...

It's nice to see a light shine on the bullies among us, particularly in the work place.

Great job, Bonnie & Jean.

Suzy Graven