Sunday, July 27, 2008

Political Parties Differ in Response to Bullying Question

In this year of the presidential election, it is interesting to note the difference among members of the three political parties in terms of workplace bullying. When asked who had NEVER seen or experienced bullying, 57% of Republicans responded, 43% of Independents, and 39% of Democrats. Would knowing these differences affect your choice of presidential candidate?

Source: Workplace Bullying Institute and Zogby Interntional’s U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, 2007.


Mimi Meredith said...

What an interesting observation! I wonder if that parallels the research earlier in the year that revealed Republicans were left-brain dominant and Democrats were more likely to exhibit right-brain dominant qualities.

It is important to me that the candidate I vote for can identify a bully and avoid bullying behavior. But since I don't know how each candidate responded to the survey, I'll probably do my best to discern their positions from the debates.

catalyst said...

Barak Obama was on the Senatorial campaign trail in Illinois in 2004.
I met him in a small crowd and was able to speak with him about workplace bullying. I told him that "teachers and nurses were being bludgeoned in the field. A group of us nationally are trying to get legislation to stop workplace bullying." His response was, "You're right! This is a hotbutton issue." He took my card and I left, feeling certain this man would support Healthy Workplace legislation. Carrie Clark, California Healthy Workplace Advocates

Bonnie Mattick said...

This is an interesting perspective and one I had not considered before. When reflecting back on some of the speeches I've heard, I realize some of the candidates (and previous "candidates") showed strong bullying behaviors - even the spouses!

Next, the survey should look at the News Media - now there are some bullies!
Thanks for bringing this to our attention,
Bonnie Mattick

Stanley said...

As I've written in my recent posts about the Art of War by Sun Tzu (the ancient Chinese classic); and as you have noted from having visited my site; there is a fine art between subduing and overpowering.

Most people don't know the difference. The best politicians simply defeat their opponents so smoothly, they hardly even know they've been defeated.

Stanley Bronstein

Bad Apple Polisher said...

Thank you for your wonderful and diverse comments. Speaking of Barak Obama, have you received the email supposedly written by Jerry S. Porter, stationed in Afghanistan, describing how Obama "blew off" the troops and refused to talk with them when he visited last week?

I checked him out online and found that he did write the letter, but it was a hoax.

Regardless of which candidate we may favor, this underhanded meanness is unfair and disgusting.