Thursday, September 25, 2008

Job One: Banish Bad Apples

I’m delighted to announce that my new book, Bullies Among Us. What To Do When Work’s No Fun, is now available at Amazon Online and Barnes & Noble bookstores!

Here’s what one reader says:

” Jean McFarland’s Bullies Among Us needs to be put ahead of pivotal business books like Winning and Built to Last -– for the simple reason that winning cultures and sustainable growth cannot be fostered without first addressing bullying. Put another way, identifying and throwing out the Bad Apples is job one.”--Tricia Hamrin, UpFront Productions

Bullies, the worst of the Bad Apples, abound in workplaces all around the world. Look around you. Two out of every five Americans have experienced bullying at work. As though bullies don’t cause enough devastation through tormenting their targets, they also cost businesses billions of dollars each year in obvious and hidden costs.

Bullies Among Us tells you as a manager or as a target how to deal with the bullies in your workplace: Job One!

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