Friday, August 24, 2007

Toxic Work Cultures Support Bullies

Did you know workplace bullying has been labelled a worldwide epidemic and in some nations, it is considered a workplace safety issue? For example, South Australia and Canada?

If you are being bullied by someone at work, don't keep it to yourself. That just makes it worse. The stress continues to build as you have no way to vent your frustration and fear, which can lead to serious health problems--physical and psychological.

The bullying will continue because bullies get their way. Why? Few people complain about bullying behavior. It might even be admired by people--other than the target--as the aggressive and competitive ways of a true leader. The behavior needed to be successful. Some companies support this type of behavior, creating a toxic culture that undermines their employees and their own productivity.

Do you work in a toxic environment? I hope not.

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